Where to get cheaper '.com' domains? checkout these registrars



.com is a wildly used domain extension. most companies prefer .com. Today, there are various domain name extensions. companies and individual can buy most matched domain extension to the business.but still, the .com extension is more used than all those domains.


 source  : https://domainnamestat.com/statistics/tld/others


 according to the Wikipedia, .com domain added in 1985 . current root level registrar is Verisign. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.com)


There are several things to look for when we buy a domain. It is not only the price of the domain. Some of them are,


  • The registrar of the domain is a trusted domain registrar.
  • Renewal rates and terms. 
  • Privacy protection. 
  • Ability to easily transfer the domain. 
  • support service quality.  


Such things can be termed as some of those things. 

if you are planning to buy a local domain, such as, .lk , .in, .us, .uk etc better to buy it from a  local domain provider. because it can give better support when managing the domain.

usually domains are not give permanent ownership to the buyer.  buyer need to renew it every year. (most providers provide buy up to 10 years at first).  sometimes domain registrars provider cheaper price for 1st year. buyer may think this is cheap but when renew, the usual cost will charged.

some domains are consider as premium domains, they are very expensive than the usual price. that domains can be short domains, special word domains that have good pronunciation, catchy words, etc.  


there are many domain giants provide .com domain. such as Godaddy, Namecheap,Tucows, Google etc. but some of their register costs are higher than other small domain providers. I had good picture in namecheap, but recently they increased .com domain price.

here the mail I got,



now its cost around $13.98/y . (renew and retail price) so as my personal opinion here i recommend if you want buy cheaper .com domain with good register.

Ps. Im not getting and payment or rewards providing these recommendations.

1) Cloudflare Registrar

cloud flare known for provide great production against ddos and related attacks to the web applications. it also work as a content delivery network  founded in 2010. it primarily acts as a reverse proxy for websites.

recently they start to provide domain registration with not extra fee from their side. 



 they also provide free WHOIS Privacy,


2) Google domains



since 2014 google domains start to selling the domains.with limited number of available countries. this domain still not available for major countries. (maybe change in future) I have have personal experience in google domains . their backpanel ( domain management area ) is easy to use and user friendly.  and easy to bind with google services such as blogger, custom domain emails, firebase etc.

their prices are usually reasonable . also currently there is no extra renew fee than the register price. (

3)alibaba cloud domains. 

alibaba cloud also provide domain registration and cloud services. their .com registration with good price.

price around $8.99-$14  / year

4) porkbun domains

porkbun provide unque domain registration experiences. currently its not a large domain registrant . it also started domain registration since 2014.  according to the icannwiki. currently porkbun provide cheaper price with free other sevices such as privacy protection, free ssl etc.

its .com domain price around $9.13

these prices are subject to change.  please check with your preferences when purchasing a domain from given services.  this post made for who are curious about .com domain prices.


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