Laravel: Got "on behalf of" mess in email header? say No more!


If you use email service like mail gun, they default set 'sender' header part (not 'from' header) as "". and  we mostly using only "from" function to set who sent the email (eg: .. but some email client take this seriously . if original "" is not equal to "from" that email client inform user to by showing like -

"< on behalf of" 

this email client do for prevent misleading users. mostly this is harmless but users who don't know about this can be panic when they saw email like this.

so how we fix this??

in Laravel there are two major functions in emails "from" and "sender" to set who sent the email...  "sender" is more accurate that "from" for some reasons Laravel mosly documented only "from" function. but i found "sender" function in old version of laravel document..


Solution #1

laravel use  "SwiftMailer"  package and it has built in function named "setSender" we can call it by accessing that function in 'Mailable' build() method.

 checkout Customizing The SwiftMailer Message

 here how it do:

Solution #2

If you need more global scope change to sender, you can create and use a mail event. Laravel already exist mail event class in code folder. we just need to use it. here step by step to create it. 

open  Providers\EventServiceProvider and add this code to it(im using now Laravel 5.7. newer versions will work this one. if not please comment)

import laravel built it mail event class

use Illuminate\Mail\Events\MessageSending;

add add MessageSending::class =>[ \App\Listeners\EmailEvent::class] to inside of protected $listen array.

protected $listen = [
MessageSending::class =>[

now run : php artisan event:generate

it will create new event listener file in inside "app\Listeners" folder

here example event file I have created.....

from this you can modify sender also swift mail built in function. now using sender method you can get rid of  behalf of('currently') from mails that sent to your users.


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